Air Impact Wrenches is a tool to access screws and bolts for installation and repair work. Currently, the KUANI bolt wrenches brand is quite widely applied. So why users love and choose to use this pneumatic air gun so much. In this article, let’s find out what benefits it brings to your work.

Perform unscrewing screws and bolts quickly

Unlike other sniper guns on the market, KUANI brand products operate soon with speed and extremely fast fastness. Despite this, it still ensures that no errors or damage will occur. Therefore, you can completely trust and use it.

When working with this Best Air Impact Wrenches, you will ultimately feel you work most professionally because the gun is capable of removing most of the details of screws, bolts, large and small. To do that, you need to equip a few appropriate tubes for the job.

So you should equip yourself with this brand-name bolt wrenches for me. The reasons that it not only helps you with high job efficiency but also enables you to get specialized repair equipment, improving efficiency and quality of work many times.

Best Air Impact Wrenches full application

This Air Impact Wrenches not only has many uses for the repair industry from motorbikes to cars, but it is also present in jobs in technology parks, manufacturing, and assembly areas. Also, it used in employment in construction and installation works.

If you want to use a bolt device for any field, you will choose a bolt wrenches sized to suit its working capacity. Then it can meet the intensity of the work you want. So, please pay attention to select the right products to serve your practice.

On the other hand, you should obey the regulations when using the Best Air Impact Wrenches. As such, it will help you limit the damage that can occur when working. Especially, please pay close attention to this issue; it will bring many benefits for you. Moreover, whether or not you save money depends on how you choose to use the product.

Best Air Impact Wrenches longevity

Currently, the preference of the user is to have a reliable air impact wrenches so that the standard you set for Kuani bolt wrenches meets. It is a product brand from Taiwan, produced on modern technology lines. Therefore, this product has a quite long service life.

Not only that, but this bolt-blasting tool is also impact resistant, subject to gravity. Besides, it is also resistant to scratches, rust. The gun’s weight is quite light, so it’s easier to manipulate it. It is one of the products that customers always expect.

Although the advantages of this product bring quite a lot, however, you should also note the following issues. To minimize the possibility of damage during working, clean so that dirt does not cling to cleaning and cleaning. Regular maintenance with oil so that the best air impact wrenches is always in the best state to operate.

Best Air Impact Wrenches is cheap

You worry about choosing the best genuine product will have a high price. However, with the Kuani brand screwdriver, you will get it at a low cost. For investors with limited expenses, they can own. By understanding the wishes of the user, so when you buy this product, you feel secure about the cost of ownership.

Notes before operating, using Best Air Impact Wrenches

  • Pneumatic pressure must be adjusted accordingly from 8 – 10 kg / cm2.
  • The diameter of the compressed air hose into the arm must be by the manufacturer’s requirements:
  • F13 mm diameter wire for 1″ gun
  • F9.5mm diameter wire for ¾” guns
  • F8 mm diameter wire for ½” guns,
  • The length of an air rope must not exceed 30 meters
  • Apply lubricating oil directly to the gun end from 3 to 5 drops. Use only standard oils: IVG 10 (Sewing machine oil) or similar fuels.
  • Compressed air supplied to the gun must ensure no dust, dirt, and steam.
  • Do not let soil, sand (hard solids enter inside the steam chamber)
  • -Replacement hammer parts often hit
  • Change grease in the hammer beat every 3 to 6 months, depending on the frequency of use of the gun. Use only standard oil (preferably Kuken grease: Br1-s grease) or similar lead grease.
  • When removing, you should leave the Best Air Impact Wrenches at the most potent force: the highest number.
  • When screwing in, adjust a large number of Best Air Impact Wrenches suitably for each size and do not use the most significant figure to screw in.
  • The operator should click the trigger several times to maximize the torque of the bolt wrenches.
  • Avoid hitting the hammer repeatedly: Set the number of the best air impact wrenches appropriately, do not turn the screw when the arm is small.

In conclusion

In this article, I have introduced you to a bolt wrenches with many benefits that they bring. It’s time for you to find your work the best bolt gun. Hopefully, the KUANI Best Air Impact Wrenches will be an excellent choice for you.