Due to the increasing demands on accuracy, conventional measuring formulas take too much time. They have difficulty when the terrain is so vast that Laser Measuring Tools have been born and become saviors of engineers and construction workers. In today’s article, I will introduce you to the outstanding advantages that laser distance meters bring.

What is a Distance Measurement Machine?

Measuring and checking works play an essential role in the construction process. Based on this step, you can correct errors in time, gain experience for the future, and at the same time, avoid unnecessary risks. So advanced distance measuring devices were born to support engineers, construction workers, technical people.

So, what is a Laser Measuring Tool? These are machines that operate on the principle of laser reflection. Calculating from where you choose to start, you only press the measurement button. And then, the system will emit a laser from the signal generator and receive the results shown on the screen is the distance from the landmark to where the laser encounters obstacles.

What are the advantages of a Laser Measuring Tool?

You usually use a tape measure, protractor, or tension gauge to measure traditionally. However, this job takes much time, and only a small difference in data will make your efforts break.

During the construction process, every detail needs stability and high accuracy to produce a quality product, and the laser measuring tool can do it. The following advantages of Distance Measurement Machine will prove to us that this is a great device:

  • Size: The Laser Measuring Tool is just as small as an old phone, convenient to carry around, can be checked anytime, anywhere.
  • Multi-function: Although “small but martial,” the Distance Measurement Machine can measure the volume, area, height, add and subtract results, measure the angle of deviation, store data, … And the extraordinary thing is all the operations are done on the machine screen through the buttons.
  • Save time, the maximum effort: With intensive features, powerful you can do everything by yourself, the data is still standard and fast.
  • Price: The Laser Measuring Tool also comes in a variety of categories, so you can choose based on the criteria your job requires. Therefore, prices of each type also vary, from medium to high rates.
  • Battery usage: A small AAA battery that costs a few thousand a pair, which you can find at any grocery store, is the power source to operate this device. You can reserve for use all day without worrying about it.

Notes when using the Laser Measuring Tool

  • Not shown in the eyes

“Class 2” lasers are not as intense as those used in surgery or cutting. Therefore the laser of the 2-laser or 2-beam laser measuring tool is not harmful to human skin. However, this laser can still cause corneal damage.

  • Do not project on aircraft, devices, and vehicles

This action is dangerous and illegal in many countries.

  • Can be reduced accuracy

Especially when used directly in the sun, the target has a lousy light reflection or in a robust light environment. In these environments, laser target absorption is recommended.

  • Convert the units of the meter

Some Laser Measuring Tools are capable of measuring with five different measurement units (mm, cm, m, feet, and inches). To choose the right group of measurement, you need to consult the user manual, as each device may have a different way of changing the group.

  • Check again

Even the most accurate machine can be distorted after a period of use due to environmental factors such as temperature – humidity – light, or due to impact, falling. Therefore, you need to check the accuracy of the device regularly.

In conclusion

Are you a smart shopper, an intelligent user? In this article, we have learned the advantages as well as some notes when using a Distance Measurement Machine together. Hopefully, the information we learn above will help you find yourself the best laser measuring tool for your job.