electronic calipers or diigital calipers are products used to measure the outside diameter, inner diameter, the depth of cylindrical, hollow, box-shaped details precisely without deviation. Accompanying the Japanese-made product line, the 150mm / 0.01mm Mitutoyo electronic calipers are also one of the best digital calipers available today. To understand more about this electronic ruler, let’s find out in this article.

Specifications of Digital Waterproof Calipers 150mm / 6″/0.01mm IP67 Mitutoyo

  • Manufacturer: Mitutoyo
  • Place of production: Japan
  • Product code: 500-752-20
  • Measuring range: 0-150mm
  • Display division: 0.01mm
  • Accuracy: ± 0.02mm
  • Weight: 0.4kg
  • Approx battery life: 3 years

Product Description

  • 0-150mm / 6″/0.01mm Waterproof Digital Caliper IP67 Mitutoyo High Quality

Waterproof electronic vernier calipers 150mm / 6″/0.01mm IP67 is an exclusive, high-quality product line from the world-renowned manufacturer of precision measuring instruments, Mitutoyo (Japan).

Mitutoyo digital calipers 500-752-20 are sold all over the world; many users rely on their usefulness and convenience, durability as well as absolute accuracy. Mitutoyo genuine products manufactured using modern Japanese technology ensure you will be assured of quality

  • 150mm / 6″/0.01mm Water-Proof Electronic Mitutoyo Precision Measuring Instruments, Durable

The digital caliper model 500-752-20 is specially made from stainless steel alloy; this alloy material has properties suitable for durability and resistance to external impact, in addition to having high rigidity and strength to make it easy to withstand pressure from external forces. This stainless steel material is also more resistant to corrosion and is more common than its heat resistance against dents that reduce the impact of surfaces compared to other stainless steel alloys, all creating So the difference for the precision calipers Mitutoyo (Japan)

The results read on large LCD screens and displayed with high accuracy, making it easy for users to read the results and work faster, non-stick coating surface, helps you Easy-to-clean cleaning to preserve the ruler and make measuring accurate and quick

There is a ZERO / ABS button that allows the display to be zero

Multipurpose caliper, measure Inch and Metric

In particular, the IP67 waterproof protection meter makes it possible to use the product in harsh or wet conditions without affecting the ruler or measurement results of the product.

Product Features:

  • Measuring scale is from 0-150mm / 6″/0.01mm with an accuracy of 0.01mm to help you easily measure the necessary details and complete them quickly and accurately.
  • The compact design makes it easy to carry around or store when, not in use
  • Results read on the scale. Clear dividing lines with high precision level, help users quickly understand the consequences and work effectively faster
  • Easy to measure rapidly, smooth surface of high-quality products

Product Application:

  • The product is used to measure the detailed dimensions in mechanical engineering accurately
  • 500-752-20 Digital calipers, which is a high-quality product used for measuring length, width, internal sizes, outside dimensions, or measuring the diameter of the limbs cylindrical-shaped, square. Measure accurately and quickly. Many applications for industries such as industry, mechanical engineering, metal processing, plastic, aluminum and glass manufacturing, etc.

Note When Using & Storing the digital calipers:

  • Carefully clean the gauge before use (to avoid causing measurement errors)
  • When measuring, it is necessary to keep the two planes of the ruler and the part surface parallel to each other
  • When taking a digital caliper to read the results, you need to screw the pin fixed on the body and then remove the caliper from the details and read the measurement results.
  • When measuring, you only need to understand the results displayed on the LCD screen to a high degree of accuracy
  • When measuring, do not force the measuring probe against the object
  • It is necessary to restrict the removal of the calipers from the purpose before reading the measurement
  • Do not use a digital caliper or an electronic caliper to measure when an object is rotating
  • The measuring tape should be placed in the right position in the box. Do not place the caliper on top of other tools or place other items on top of the ruler.

To sum up

Digital calipers are useful tools for our work, for example, in the mechanical engineering industry, plastic, wood, or aluminum and glass. For a professional engineer, it is essential and necessary to equip yourself with a digital caliper to effectively support your work. And thanks to its waterproof feature, a digital caliper 500mm/0.01mm Mitutoyo deserves an excellent choice for you.